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Company Testimonials

I must thank you for the excellent service and attention you have shown. Never have I received the same from other exporters.
Mohamed, Darul Medik, Malaysia

Quick Dam Testimonials


We were having an issue during heavy rain of rain running down an incline toward the house coming into the house b/t the slab and the wall. I set up a set of these to deflect the rain out into the yard and so far so good! PERFECT solution! Thanks!

Cavalier Mom

I ordered this because I live on a slop and when it rains here it really rains. We had 11/2 in. of rain in a 45 min. time. The water comes flooding down the street and jumps over the curb into my flower bed and washes everything down the drain. I ordered these to see if they worked. I got home just as it started to rain. The package was on my front porch. I opened them up and set them out just as the water was topping the curb and it directed it back into the street!

I like the fact that you can dry them out and reuse them because we only get rain about 2 months a year and the rest of the time it's dry. I bought enough to place anywhere I need them including the back yard.
If you need quick, easy to use, and reusable flood control I highly recommend these. If they were to open, the material inside is what they put in moisture control garden soil so it would be good for dry gardens.


During recent storms my sons basement took on water but in the places where these were laid down, they effectively stopped the water from running across the floor.

d mede "luvtoread"

My home sits below the street behind me so during heavy rains I have major water rushing through my back fence and through my yard. I wanted something that would block and/or slow up the rush of water so my river beds could efficiently carry the volume to the sewer out front. Quick Dam has performed great in responding to these challenges. It was easy to position the 15ft flood barrier along my fence line where I needed it. Thanks to the several weeks of steady rain, the Dam has not be able to deflate back to it flat position yet as indicated by the package. But that's fine with me. It keeps my yard prepared for the pop up storms we can get now that the heat is on. I really like this product and have recommended to several neighbors.

Heidi H.

Works exactly as described! Prevents water from penetrating beyond its barrier. Continuously soaks up water. Great buy! Highly recommended.


I had been getting water in my basement from a low spot on the driveway. I placed these flat bags in the area and wondered how they would help. Then the rains came the bags filled and no water in the basement. YAHOO!!


We had a back porch which would flood in heavy rain. This flood barrier works to keep the water from flowing towards the porch during heavy rain.

Victor N.

This product really does the job. In the midst of a downpour, water was blocked from coming down the stairs and entering the space where it can trickle inside. Thumbs up!


I had rain water draining in around my bulkhead in my basement. I wrapped the Quick Dam flood barrier around it and just left it in place and now I don't have any water problems when it rains anymore!

Hilary P., Franklin, MA

I got it because my basement floods in heavy rain, and, BOY, did we get a heavy rain earlier this week. It worked as described.

Laura K.

Mortuary Testimonials


"For about a year BISLIFE has been using the bio-friendly prosthetics from Absorbent Specialty Products (ASP). Prior to using the ASP product we used a plastic product. However, modern entrepreneurship is also about being aware on the impact on the environment. After having tested several alternative products for our plastic prosthetics, we decided to start using the products from ASP for several reasons. First of all, the very quick and adequate responses to the questions we had about the products. At BISLIFE we have developed our own current way of retrieving musculo-skeletal-tissues. The way we retrieve the tissues demands a certain way of reconstructing as well. ASP has been very helpful with optimizing the prosthetics for BISLIFE. It is fantastic that ASP facilitates custom-made solutions. This process is still ongoing, until we have developed a unique perfect fitting prosthetic. Secondly, ASP is not only quick in their responses, but has a short order time as well. Within a couple of weeks we receive the prothetics in good condition in the Netherlands. A third, and also important reason to use ASP products, is that their prices are very competitive. Even with shipping the products to The Netherlands and including the tax, we have been able to lower our expenses on prosthetics hugely. As mentioned before, we think it is very important to be aware of the impact on the environment. The corn solution from ASP contributed a lot to becoming more eco-friendly!"

Lennard K., BisLife

"There were no visible emissions (smoke) during (the testing of Bio-Bones prosthetics). The ash residue was gray/white in appearance, was easy to remove along with the cremated remains and would generate a similar volume of ash as the actual bones, resulting in a net zero impact. We see no issues with physically cremating this material, unlike PVC prosthetics which when cremated creates toxic fumes and melts, often leaving the cremated remains stuck to the plastic residue that must be disposed of.

Paul R., Matthews Cremation

In reference to performing a side by side comparison between a typical embalming procedure and the Artificial Arteries. "This leg was embalmed that way (using Artificial Arteries). It worked pretty good. I'm impressed. I was skeptical because I am old school in some ways."

Jacquie T., New England Institute