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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                 

Q:  Quick Dams, what are they & how do they work?

A:  Quick Dams contain a super absorbent polymer (similar to what’s found in baby diapers and meat pads) that react and swell on contact with water.  Once activated (typically 5 minutes if there is enough water), the water is contained as a gel within the black fabric, thus acting as a barrier and containing or diverting water to prevent flooding.

Q:  How do you activate them?

A:  There are several options. Lay them in position and wait for the rain, spray with a hose, dunk them in a bucket of water, lay them in a puddle or place them in a water source like a stream.

Q: How long do Quick Dams last?

A: Un-activated- indefinite as long as kept dry, so store in their closed package until needed. Activated- If left in position, they can last for several months.

Q: Can I re-use them?

A: Once activated, Quick Dams will remain active until the water evaporates, typically taking a few weeks for complete evaporation. If left in position, they will shrink while evaporating and grow when re-exposed to water.

Q:  They seem to shrink, is that normal?

A:  Yes, as the water evaporates, they will get smaller. If complete evaporation is desired, store Quick Dams in a dry environment. Over several weeks, Quick Dams will shrink & become crunchy. Once re-exposed to water, they will swell again.

Q: Do I have to add water?

A: Depending on your situation, you may pre-activate them or let the weather activate them. Quick Dams can be placed in position and wait for water to arrive. If a current of water is expected, partially activating them is recommended so that they don’t float away. If building a retaining wall is desired, pre-soaking & stacking them is recommended.

Q: Can Quick Dams be used indoors and outdoors?

A: Yes they can, although they will be moist, so be careful when leaving them on floors that may get water damage.

Q: What stops Quick Dams from rolling away?

A:  Quick Dam Flood Barriers have an extra wedge stitched along its length, that acts as a wedge & prevents them from rolling away.

Q: Can they protect against water higher than 3”?

A:  Quick Dams can be stacked in a brick or pyramid formation. The higher you need the wall height, the thicker the base should be. Stacking straight up will create an unstable base and they may slide off.

Q: I notice a slimy feel on the Quick Dams, what is that?

A: Quick Dams contain a super absorbent polymer that is non-toxic & non-hazardous and will degrade over time.  This degradation is the slime that you feel. Simply wash or wipe it off.

Q:  What do I do with them when I’m done?

A:  Quick Dams are environmentally friendly and can be disposed of in the trash. Quick Dam contents will degrade with UV exposure, pressure and time, leaving an empty pouch that can be thrown in the trash.

Q: I’ve seen other similar items using a white knit or jute fabric - how are they different to Quick Dams?

A: One of the key features of Quick Dams is their extended life of several weeks to months after being activated. The black non-woven durable fabric provides UV protection that prevents degradation of the inner absorbent. Allowing a consumer to leave Quick Dams in position for ongoing protection. The white, knit & jute products allow UV rays to penetrate through to the inner absorbent, thus degrading them in only 2-3 weeks.

Q: If activated Quick Dams are torn open and the gelled contents exposed, is it hazardous to children or pets?

A:  The gelled contents are not hazardous and non-toxic. If eye contact, flush with plenty of water.

Q:  What if Quick Dams get torn open and the contents spill out?

A:  Contents are not hazardous, simply sweep up & dispose. Contents can also be spread in garden or lawn area to help maintain moisture & promote vegetation growth. 

Q:  How should I position Quick Dam Flood Barriers?

A:  Flood Barriers contain a wedge to prevent them from rolling. When laying in position, be sure to place the “mini channel” away from flooding water. This will assure that as it grows, it acts as a wedge to secure in position.  Ideally, place Quick Dams outdoors in the path of problem water & divert it, before it becomes a problem. They can also be used to absorb & contain a leak or spill.

Q:  Will Quick Dams leak water?

A:  Quick Dams will absorb, swell & gel water, creating a barrier. If the surface is uneven, seepage may occur. If large amounts of water are expected, double layers or stacking & building a wall may be necessary to prevent leakage. Quick Dams are not a solution for every application.

Q:  Will Quick Dams get moldy?

A:  Our testing has not shown evidence of mold. In normal circumstances, water will evaporate when there is no water present. If activated Quick Dams are contained in a container and closed off, then molding may occur. 

Q: Do Quick Dams have an odor?

A: No, not on their own. Although they will absorb an odor if it is present in the fluid absorbed. 

Q: Can I get Quick Dams in other colors or sizes?

A: Quick Dams are for long term use, thus requiring the black fabric. If other applications or shorter life are desired, please contact us to discuss your needs. We currently offer Quick Dams in 12” x 24” for stacking and 6” x 5’, 10’ or 17’ lengths. If other sizes are desired, please contact us. 



I had rain water draining in around my bulkhead in my basement. I wrapped the Quick Dam flood barrier around it and just left it in place and now I don't have any water problems when it rains anymore!

Hilary P., Franklin, MA

I used some Quick Dam Sandless Sandbags and used them at the end of my driveway when we were having mudslides. They diverted the mess down the road & saved my home!

Christine K., Highland, CA
Water soaks in under my front porch and just seeps in through the basement walls. We ran a Quick Dam Flood Barrier under the edge of the porch & it stopped the water from coming in. Stays there all year!

Erica V., Attleboro, MA
I used the 17' QuickDam Flood Barrier to stop water from seeping through the soil & in through my basement walls. They worked incredibly! We've left them in place since October & it still looks brand new & we haven't had any water in our basement for over 5 months. I would definitely recommend these!

Brooke M., Northbridge, MA


When it rains, I get water seeping into the garage. I used the 10' Quick Dam Flood Barrier and it swelled up & stopped the water from coming in! I can even leave it there & drive over it! 

Julie G., Attleboro, MA