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Quick Dam Flood Control

quickdamlp-04.jpg quickdamlp-03.jpg

Flood Barriers™

For small to moderate flooding
Divert water away from your property

Flood Barrier Socks For Moderate Flooding

Sandless Sandbags™

For moderate to heavy flooding
Build a retaining wall in just minutes

 Snadbags for heavy flooding


For heavy to severe flooding
Contain & stop large water flow

Water gate for severe flooding

Quick Dam Flood Sand Bags & Flood Barrier Socks

Quick Dams, also known as sandless sand bags create an effective, easy to use flood control barrier. As water comes in contact with the specially formulated inner powder, it turns into a gel causing the bag to swell. Quick Dam flood sand bags can be stacked and staggered to build a retaining wall. Quick Dams are an easy to use sandless flood control barrier that are a great alternative to heavy, messy tradional sand bags. Flood Barrier socks are great for diverting water away from your garage or basement.

For answers to frequently asked questions see our Quick Dams FAQ page


Flood Prevention Tools:

Click the link below to estimate what the potential flood damage cost would be for your home.