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Welcome to Absorbent Specialty Products!

At Absorbent Specialty Products, we believe that in every problem there is opportunity. We are problem solvers and we love a challenge. The diversity of our products and customers shows the versatility of our company. We serve a variety of different industries; Industrial, commercial, mortuary, medical, incontinence, home, sports & recreation and more.

We value our customers and most importantly, we listen to them. We want to hear the problems and challenges you are facing because it provides us the opportunity to develop a solution and perhaps a new product.

Founded in 2004 with the ambition of providing quality services, innovative solutions and reasonable prices, Absorbent Specialty Products has developed many products to fit specialty and unique applications covering the manufacturing, service, incontinent, mortuary, military and sports industries as well as home users.

We are passionate about providing innovative solutions for our clients. If you have a special need, please give us a call at 888-761-4405.

Carol Dancer


Absorbent Specialty Products





We are proud to hold memberships to the following organizations:

ISSA (Janitorial/Sanitation)

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NSC (National Safety Council) (Exhibiting with them in mid Sept)

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IAEM (Emergency Managers)

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Hear what customers are saying about us...

I must thank you for the excellent service and attention you have shown. Never have I received the same from other exporters.
Mohamed, Darul Medik, Malaysia

We were having an issue during heavy rain of rain running down an incline toward the house coming into the house b/t the slab and the wall. I set up a set of these to deflect the rain out into the yard and so far so good! PERFECT solution! Thanks!

Cavalier Mom


During recent storms my sons basement took on water but in the places where these were laid down, they effectively stopped the water from running across the floor.

d mede "luvtoread"


My home sits below the street behind me so during heavy rains I have major water rushing through my back fence and through my yard. I wanted something that would block and/or slow up the rush of water so my river beds could efficiently carry the volume to the sewer out front. Quick Dam has performed great in responding to these challenges. It was easy to position the 15ft flood barrier along my fence line where I needed it. Thanks to the several weeks of steady rain, the Dam has not be able to deflate back to it flat position yet as indicated by the package. But that's fine with me. It keeps my yard prepared for the pop up storms we can get now that the heat is on. I really like this product and have recommended to several neighbors.

Heidi H